Stay Connected while on the Move

Remain reachable on the same number from wherever you are

Mobile Extension
Be in when you’re out

With Mobile Extension, you can take your office number with you when you’re on the road. It provides you with access to system features such as caller ID, call transfer and voicemail, and it really is like being in the office, whether you’re travelling or sitting in traffic.

Get more out of your team

Company specialists can now maintain high service standards when out of the office, helping you make the most of the valuable members of your staff. Mobile Extension is also a great home office alternative to an IP phone.

Never miss a sales call

Salespeople can use Mobile Extension to ensure that even when they’re on the road, they never miss a call which could lead to a lucrative business opportunity.

Wireless DECT
Maintain service levels when away from your desk

With DECT handsets for wireless voice communications, you can keep in-touch with customers and colleagues from any in-building location.

NEC’s SMB Wireless (ML440) multiline IP handset delivers true on-site mobility with its large color LCD display and programmable keys.

Our Wireless Digital DECT handset offers another cost-effective option to stay connected and productive while away from your desk.

One Number, One Voicemail Box

With uMobility, one phone number is all you need for customers and colleagues to reach you anytime, anywhere. Calls made to your preferred business phone number are transparently twinned to your mobile device and if you are not available, the caller is directed to your preferred number voicemail account. Also, your office caller ID is always displayed – reinforcing single number reach.

Increases the Capabilities of Your Mobile Devices

SL1100’s uMobility enables you to take advantage of a Wi-Fi hotspot at your office, home or even at a public hotspot or you can take advantage of a strong 4G/LTE cellular data connection where Wi-Fi access is unavailable. Both reduce cell phone minute usage since they don’t require the use of cellular minutes.

Place Calls as if You’re Sitting in Your Office

When placing a call, you are able to do station-to-station and external dialing as well as utilize the trunking services of your business’s communications system. This allows you to place calls by either entering a valid extension or a fully-dialed number.

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