Enhance Guest Experience

Advanced hospitality features for more responsive guest service

Personalized Services that Enhance a Guest’s Experience

Ensure your guests have a memorable stay by providing them access to the latest hospitality services.

Guestroom Messaging provides guests with their own voicemail box where they can quickly retrieve messages from their in-room telephone; they can also choose which language their voicemail box is set up in

Wake-Up Call offers guests the ability to add, delete, change and confirm their own wake-up calls

Single Digit Dialing gives your guests one-touch access to your important services such as the front desk, concierge, housekeeping, etc…

Department Calling Group allows your guests to reach the first available person of the department that they are trying to reach

Do Not Disturb (DND) - if your guests need privacy and do not want to be disturbed by phone calls, they can activate DND easily right on their phone

Powerful Support for Front and Back Office Functions

With the SL1100’s hospitality features, you can support and control many essential front and back office functions such as:

Message Waiting allows you to leave messages for your guest; upon their return, the flashing lamp on their phone notifies them they have a message waiting and can automatically call you back

Room Status monitors the status of all your guest rooms (checked-in, checked-out, maid required, maid-in-room) to maximize room usage by coordinating your cleaning staff and reservation desk

Flexible Numbering Plan allows you to customize your system to have room numbers match phone extensions which simplifies dialing guests and services

InMail Integration enables you to set up a special command in the system to automatically clear a mailbox and return the language to the default setting when a guest checks-in

DSS Console Monitoring allows you to simply press a button to check a room’s status or see at a glance which rooms have Wake Up Calls set or messages waiting

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